Vetina Clean Up Shampoo


Purified water, Colloidal oatmeal (moisturize and soothe irritated skin), Anti-itch herbal blend, Renewable plant-derived & coconut-based cleansers, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, B5 & E, Glycerine, Allantoin, Preservative, Perfume.

Key Benefits:
pH balanced & Natural Ingredients
Reduces skin soreness, insect bites, redness and inflammation
Relieves itching, dandruff, skin irritation and dry skin.
Gently cleanses the skin without stripping its natural moisture

Heals sore skin and insect bites.
Reduces redness and inflammation. Relieves itching caused due to dandruff , skin irritations, and dry skin.
Fights and prevents dandruff.

Vetina Clean Up shampoo is formulated with the goodness of Oatmeal & Aloe to address the needs of pets with dry, itchy and sensitive skin.
Colloidal oatmeal and Aloe Vera help combat skin irritations, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin.
It is soap-free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly, leaving pet’s skin and coat brilliantly clean, soft, plush, and smelling better than ever before.
It does not wash off topical flea applications.

Mix Fruit & Green Tea- Cucumber

Pack Size:
200 ml & 50 ml