Vetina Hypoallergenic shampoo


Purified water, Renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers, Aloe Vera juice (50%), Vitamins A, B5, E, Glycerine, ( moisturize hair-it is a compound that absorbs and retains moisture.) Preservative, Perfume

Key Benefits

  • pH balanced & Natural Ingredients
  • Plant-based cleansers, Zero dyes, no parabens, added fragrances or perfumes
  • Lathering agent and plant-derived cleansers from ingredients such as coconut and Aloe Vera juice ( Help maintain healthy skin from bruises, burns, and minor irritations) and is gentle on the skin and coat.
  • Added pro-vitamin B5, Vitamins A and E and pH to support skin and coat health.
  • Vetina Hypoallergenic shampoo is best for dogs and cats suffering from skin allergies and sensitivity which make it difficult for them for a bath.
  • Its Ideal for puppies and kittens, sensitive adult dogs and cats.
  • Vetina Hypoallergenic shampoo won’t wash away any topical flea applications that may have been applied prior to the shampoo.


  • Great for dogs with seasonal allergies.
  • No synergistic effect with flea & tick treatments
  • Natural surfactants, made from renewable raw materials (plant-derived glucose and fatty alcohols)


Mix Fruit

Pack Size

200 ml & 50 ml