Honey Propylene glycol, polysorbate 80 No antibiotics or corticosteroids.

Mode of action
Vetramils medicinal honey decrease the use of antibiotics in animals. It has efficient antimicrobial effects due to its high glucose oxidase enzyme content, sugars that create an osmotic pressure and formation of a low PH at the wound site.

Otitis is one of the most common diseases in our dogs. Vetramil Auris supports the regenerative power of the sensitive and irritated skin of the ear canal. Vetramil Auris is a unique formula that strengthen the treatment of inflammation of the ears and the irritated skin caused by an otitis externa and eczema in the ear. Vetramil Auris contains propylene glycol, a liquid carrier which clean ear wax from the ear canal of the dog. Vetramil Auris helps to reduce the application of antibiotics and corticosteroid

For Non acute cases
Control of infection for High risk dogs.
To use on dogs that swim Regularly. 2-3 drops twice or thrice a day.

50 ML with Canule