Proplast Adhesive bandage

ProPlast is a top-quality elastic adhesive bandage. ProPlast gives a strong level of adhesion with a minimal level of residue.


  • Strong adhesive
  • Provides compression for healing after surgery
  • Support the joints to avoid sprains and strains
  • Individually wrapped
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Conforms easily to the body’s joints both large and small
  • Holds wound dressings in place
  • Provides compression for healing after surgery
  • Supports and protects the joints to avoid sprains and strains on the ligaments
  • Individually wrapped

Presentation:   7.5 cm, 10 cm

Colours Available: 

7.5cm: White
10cm: White


Pet Identification Chip

Covetrus (Henry Schein) pet identification chip is ready to use application system (RFID) with unique 15-digit number for the electronic identification of animals. It is manufactured in accordance to ISO standard 11784/85 FDX B and accepted globally. It is small like rice grain sized pre-sterilized safe chip with anti-migration coating.


  • Absolutely safe with no side effects
  • Anti-migration coating and painless insertion process
  • Provides unique Lifetime ID
  • Can’t be lost or altered
  • No Geographical boundaries
  • One implant for lifetime, provides ownership proof

Implantation sites

The implantation sites in Canines and Felines are:

The Transponder is implanted subcutaneous on the dorsal midline just cranial to the shoulder blades or scapula

The Transponder is implanted subcutaneously in the midway region of left neck

These are available in two dimensions:

  • 12 X 12mm
  • 5 X 9 mm

Presentation:   1X10 unit

Additional Information :

It is pre-sterilized and ready for use. Has no side effects and safe for use in cats and dogs both. Normal aseptic precautions should be followed during implantation of chip. It is only an identification number and doesn’t hold pet details or GPS in it. It needs a scanner to read the identification number.