Reasons for Varying response to Antibiotic Treatment
-Blood- milk barrier
-Pus & debris accumulation in alveoli
– Fat Solubility of Drugs

The Dependable Duo Against Resistant Mastitis Pathogens

-Broad spectrum 3rd generation Cephalosporin, extended activity against gram negative bacteria
-Potent bactericidal action against Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E.coli & other major mastitis causing bacteria

-Inactivates enzyme that destroys ceftriaxone
-Potentiates ceftriaxone & widens its spectrum

Board Spectrum : Effective against major mastitis causing bacteria including B-lactamase producing bacteria
Fast Distribution : Extensively distributed & slowly eliminated, attains peak plasma concentration within 15 minutes
Quick Action: Reversible protein binding, high free drug concentration at site of infection
Extra Advantage : Effectively crosses blood-milk barrier. Excellent tissue & fluid concentration

-For treatment of acute and chronic clinical mastitis
-Skin & soft tissue infections

Dosage & Administration:
5-10 mg/kg body weight by IM or IV route once daily for 3-5 days

Packing :
4.5 gm With Sterile water for injection