The ears are one of the more sensitive areas of your dog’s anatomy. Wax and debris can accumulate and lead to an ear infection if you don’t frequently clean your dog’s ears.

Ear mites, which can be found in dogs’ ears, cause the canal and the outer ear to constantly itch, leading to excessive scratching. Ear cleaning might never be needed if your dog has naturally healthy ears.

The floppy, hanging ear flaps of some dog breeds, such as the Basset Hound and the Cocker Spaniel, make them more susceptible to ear infections than others.

As a conscientious pet owner, it is your duty to keep an eye out for signs that your dog requires frequent ear cleaning. What, though, if tiny potatoes begin to grow out of those ears? We have prepared some tips on how to clean a dog’s ears properly to prevent infections and other problems.

How Do You Clean Your Dog’s Ears, And What Do You Need?

As a preliminary matter put together everything, you’ll need to give your dog’s ears a thorough cleaning. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ear Cleanser for Cleaning the Ears

Try to choose a commercial cleaner that has been approved for use by a veterinarian. Vetina warns against using any cleaners that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your dog, as doing so can hurt his or her sensitive ears. The wax build-up, debris, and mites in your pet’s ears can be easily cleaned with¬†Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner. It has no negative side effects whatsoever. It is one of the most effective methods for taking care of and cleaning a pet’s unclean ears without using any potentially-irritating chemicals, additives, or perfumes.

  • Fabrics Made of Cotton, Such as Towels or Cotton Swabs

It is also possible to wipe the ridges of the outer ear with a cotton swab, but the ear canal itself should never be touched. There is a risk that doing so could cause permanent hearing loss.

  • Tweezers

Have these on hand if your dog has a lot of ear hair.

  • Towel for Drying

In particular, if your dog shakes his head when anything goes into his ears, this is a good way to prevent messes.

How to Maintain Tidy Canine Ears?

Make sure to give your dog’s ears a thorough inspection before moving forward. You should take your dog to the clinic right away if the bumps on his body become red, inflamed, smell bad, or exhibit indications of itching. Any irritation or discharge coming from your dog’s ears could be the result of an infection or ear mites. If your dog has a thick coat, you may need tweezers to remove hair from his or her ear canal. Examine the package insert once the ear canals are clear of obstructions and appear to be in good health. A comprehensive manual on sanitising your dog’s auditory canal:

Sit your dog down and reward him with a treat while he sniffs around the ear cleaner’s packaging. If his ears are not already standing up straight, you should hold the ear flap up and carefully pour the cleaning solution into the ear canal. Maintaining the ear flap out of the way, massage the ear’s base with your fingertips for around twenty seconds. Just remove your dog’s ear and let him shake his head if he wants to. Use a towel to shield the rest of the room from the solution spray.

You can gently clean your dog’s ear canal and the outer ear, which is visible to you, by wiping it with a cotton ball or cotton pad wrapped around your index finger. You should only use a cotton swab on the portion of your dog’s ear that is visible to you in extreme instances. Once you’ve finished grooming the other ear, give your dog another treat.

Synopsis and Final Thoughts

When muck accumulates in a dog’s ears, it’s horrible. To prevent your dog from getting an ear infection, you should regularly clean out his or her ear canals and make sure that there is no dirt or debris lodged in there.

While the aforementioned steps will help you clean your dog’s ears, you may also wish to inquire about ear-cleaning services at your regular grooming salon. An appointment with the veterinarian is always a possibility.

In the end, you want your best friend to be as comfortable as possible, and a clean pair of ears is one way to achieve that goal. Make it an educational and fun game for your dog, and soon he or she will be looking forward to it.

Learning the ins and outs of ear cleaning is a crucial part of dog grooming. By maintaining this routine consistently, you can ensure that your dog’s ears remain healthy and his hearing is protected throughout his life. If you feel like you need more reassurance or direction, make an appointment with your vet or you can directly consult with our experienced veterinarians¬†here.

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