Pentorse 100

Injectable For Canines suffering from Osteoarthritis.

What is Pentorse 100?

Pentorse is made of an active ingredient called Pentosan polysulfate sodium. It is a semi-synthetic polysulfated polysaccharide.

PENTORSE  100 Canine Injection aids in the treatment of non-infectious, inflammatory joint disease in dogs.

Pentosan Polysulphate  is derived from a plant source called beechwood.


  • Larger breeds such as German Shepherd , Labs, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes.
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Repetitive stress from athletic activities
  • Mechanical Injuries.
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Genetics


  • Osteo-arthritis & Traumatic joint disease
  • Osteo-chondrosis dessicans
  • Degenerative cartilaginous joint disease
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder.
  • Peri-articular Inflammation


  • Completely safe and no reported side effects
  • Anti-inflammatory Action helps reducing joint inflammation and pain.
  • Fibrinolytic Activity
  • Chondroprotective action and inhibition of loss of proteoglycans helps in terminating further destruction of the joint and initiates regeneration of the damaged tissue.
  • Stimulation of Hyaluronic Acid increases formation of synovial fluid which helps in lubrication of the joint.
  • Inhibition of Destructive Enzymes
  • Reverses effects of Osteoarthritis
  • Technically the product shows a long-term effect as compared to other treatment options


  • Pentosan being a plant-based origin it doesn’t have any side effects in the body but occasionally if a patient is hypersensitive they may show gastric sensitivity like Emesis, diarrhoea, lethargy and anorexia.
  • We also need to take precautions in the following cases:
  • Do not use for the treatment of septic arthritis. In this case, appropriate antimicrobial therapy should be instigated.
  • Do not use in dogs with advanced liver or kidney impairment, or evidence of infection.
  • Do not use in dogs with blood disorders, coagulation disorders, bleeding or malignancy (especially haemangiosarcoma).
  • Pentosan Polysulfate has an anticoagulant effect. Do not use during the pre-operative period.
  • Do not use in the skeletally immature dog (i.e. dogs whose long bone growth plates have not closed).
  • Do not administer in Pregnant or lactating bitches.
  • NSAID and In particular Aspirin should not  be used in combination with pentosan as they may affect thrombocyte adhesion and potentiate anticoagulant activity of the product.
  • Corticosteroid have been shown to be antagonist to a number of action of  pentosan.

Dosage of Pentorse 100

  • The dosage for canine is 3mg/kg BW (1 ml per 33 kg BW) given subcutaneously every 5-7 days for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Can be repeated again after one month rest period.
  •  Not more than 3 courses a year i.e 12 injections in a year.