Why Ceftriaxone favourite choice of molecule ?
Fast Acting
Immediate response in recovery
Broad Spectrum Bactericidal
Effective at Low MIC
Once a daily dosing
Convenient for follow up
Most effective on soft tissue

All Round Protection
-Wound Infection Clinical Mastitis of
-Bacterial Origin
-Surgical Intervention
-Uro-Genital tract infection

Broad Spectrum Antibiotic – Stable to B- Lactamase

-Clinical Mastitis of bacterial origin
-Respiratory tract infection
-Gastro-Intestinal tract infection
-Uro-genital tract infection (Metritis, Pyometra, Nephritis)
-Meningitis and Bacterial Septicemia
-Post Operative Surgical Intervention

Large Animals : 5 to 10 mg/ kg body wt. 1/MI/V. For 3 to 5 days.

Packing : 3 gm & 4 gm