BMD VET (10% Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate in Granular Formulation)


BMD VET is purely a fermentation-derived product with no residues. It has high antibacterial activity and is used for improving the rate of weight gain and increasing feed efficiency.

BMD VET helps to prevent and control necrotic enteritis

BMD VET preserves the integrity of the gut wall by ensuringthe absorption of nutrients from feed

BMD VET is not absorbed from the intestinal tract. Hence there is No withdrawal period.

BMD VET reduces subclinical and clinical disease, resulting in greater productivity and decreased morbi­ dity /mortality.

BMD VET is free-flowing, dust-free granules to improve flowability and stability that ensures proper dosage.

Consistent performance after many years of use of this molecule is not included in the FDA/CVM list of medically important antibiotics for human health


Antibiotic Indication Withdrawal Period (days)
BMD VET (Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate) Increased ADG and feed efficiency 0
Grow-finish: control of swine dysentery 0
Sows: control of clostridial enteritis in suckling piglets 0


BMD VET is recommended @250 to 500 gm / ton of finished feed in all stages in chicken as a sole ration.