VIGOMYCIN 10% Virginiamycin in Granular Premix


VIGOMYCIN is a feed medication for broiler and swine feeds, containing the antibiotic virginiamycin.

VIGOMYCIN enables broilers and swine to reach market weight sooner and on less feed, which means efficient and profitable production.


  • When used in broiler feeds, VIGOMYCIN is effective for the prevention of necrotic enteritis all the way to market. In swine, VIGOMYCIN effectively controls and treats swine dysentery at all body weights
  • Increases rate of weight gain
  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Prevents necrotic enteritis in any weight of broiler chicken
  • Controls and treats swine dysentery in any weight or production phase of swine
  • No withdrawal period
  • No residue problems in meat
  • Good feed mixability


  • VIGOMVCIN is recommended at 100 grams per ton of finished feed in all stages in broilers as a sole ration.
  • VIGOMYCIN is not recommended in commercial layers