VETINA ZINC BACITRACIN 15 % Zinc Bacitracin as granular Premix


Vetina Zinc Bacitracin is compatible with all known feed additives but very high levels of Vitamin C and Copper Sulphate may hamper the analytical assay.


Vetina Zinc Bacitracin 15% feed supplement should be added in the ration at level of 10-100 ppm ie,66 gm- 666 gm / ton of feed


Vetina Zinc Bacitracin should be mixed in ration at a level of 25 ppm ie, 166 gm / ton of feed.

Pigs, Calves & Lambs:

Vetina Zinc Bacitracin should be included in the ration at a level of 50 ppm ie, 330 gm / ton of feed.


Not recommended for use in humans

Any deviation of dosage rate should be practiced only on the advice of a veterinarian or a nutritionist.