We are aware of the fact that nuts are one of the food components that are really beneficial for health. It has a good amount of proteins and nutrients that are beneficial for pets as well. However, we should always be aware of which nuts should be fed to our pets and which should be avoided because they can cause health problems.

Below is a list of all the nuts that are dangerous to dogs:

Black Walnuts

This is extremely dangerous for dogs and should be avoided at all costs; if consumed, it can cause vomiting and other neurological symptoms in your dog.


As we all know, pets do not chew their food well, and therefore giving them almonds can be difficult for them to digest. It is hard for the dogs to break down the almonds and can create water retention and gastrointestinal problems for them.

Raw Cashews

There is a higher chance of stomach upset while eating raw nuts since they have components that make them more difficult to digest than roasted or cooked nuts. As a result, dogs shouldn’t be given raw cashews as a food ingredient.

Macadamia Nuts

Dogs are extremely poisonous when exposed to the well-known macadamia nut. In dogs, it may result in tremors, overheating, vomiting, weakness, and lethargy. They can have trouble walking as well. The symptoms usually appear 12 hours after eating these nuts, if they were consumed.


These nuts contain a variety of microorganisms, including pathogenic and toxic fungal species that are difficult to discern with the naked eye. Even a small amount of this mould might harm your nerves and induce seizures. They can also upset the stomach and obstruct the digestive tract.


These nuts are rich in lipids that can lead to pancreatitis and upset the dogs’ stomachs. They can cause intestinal blockages and present a choking threat because of their size and frequent presence of a shell. Additionally, they have the capacity to produce a mould that can harm dogs’ livers.

Hickory Nuts

Hickory nuts are particularly dangerous to tiny dogs because of their large size and shells, which frequently result in intestinal obstructions. They also contain mycotoxins that produce tremors and have neurological side effects, including the potential to cause seizures.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts might aggravate your dog’s stomach even when consumed in tiny amounts since they are high in fat and phosphorus. It can cause difficulties in the urinary system or pancreas in dogs that consume it in big quantities, both of which are quite dangerous to them.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are not poisonous to dogs, but they are also not recommended for them. Brazil nuts, which are among the nut species with the highest fat content, can cause stomach aches and lead to a variety of digestive problems. Brazil nuts are fatty and should not be given to dogs as they may get pancreatitis as a result of consuming them over the long run.


The size of the hazelnut may provide a choking risk or result in intestinal obstruction. Hazelnuts can cause choking in small dogs, while larger dogs sometimes eat them without chewing, which results in hazelnuts getting stuck in their intestines and causing serious issues.

Now that you have the crucial information regarding which nuts your pets shouldn’t consume, if your pet consumes something inappropriate unknowingly and you need assistance in terms of the right soothing drugs and solutions, Vetina is here to help. If your pet suffers from allergic reactions after consuming any specific nut, you can heal their pain using Allergia Tablet. For more assistance, reach out to us, and our experts will be there to help you regarding all your pet-related problems.

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