Why Does Pet Healthcare Need More Awareness?

Care of pets has always been part of India life. Pet industry  has always been  relatively known industry, especially in Asia. Fortunately, the rising demand for pet healthcare services has aided in evolving this industry at a steady pace and boosted its growth. Pet owners today are willing to find the best treatment for their pets and give the needful veterinary medication to their pets. It has led to the opening of pet care centers and veterinary hospitals providing 24/7 services, especially in metropolitan cities. At Vetina, we recognized the need to meet the rising demand for pet healthcare and brought solutions with the  excellent products for  healthcare services for pets.

We at Vetina found out that the increase in awareness of the importance of pet health has not only resulted in a higher rate of pet adoption in the region but has also created an ideal environment for some of the leading healthcare companies to bring more efficient and innovative solutions for sustainable pet healthcare. As an example, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many veterinary hospitals, and healthcare centers have started working towards continuous care and support for pets in their region. Some of these animal hospitals have also decided to start providing the service of virtual telehealth for more accessible and reliable pet healthcare across the country.

Here are some reasons why awareness of pet healthcare is the need of the hour:

Health insurance for pets

Awareness in healthcare is also necessary to move a step closer to providing support to pet owners in the form of provision for health insurance for their pets. Losing a pet cat or dog due to unexpected serious health issues often creates an emotional and financial burden on the pet owners. The provision of pet insurance would help in reducing the burden to a significant extent, thus supporting the pet owners.

Camps and Awareness programs

Several clinics and Veterinary Hospitals are conducting events like health camps and awareness programs to spread the word regarding pet healthcare and treat pets efficiently. At Vetina, we believe that multi-specialty hospitals and surgery facilities Play a major role as they are equipped with most of the required machinery for diagnosis and specific treatment. This provision of veterinary health care is immensely helpful in treating the pets and making their lives better.

Research and Development towards pet healthcare

A rise in awareness in pet healthcare will act as a catalyst for the organizations to work on finding new ways to deal with the disease in pets. This would be a huge stride towards the improvement of the lives of many pets.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a matter of utmost importance that there needs to be a rise in pet healthcare awareness. At Vetina, we provide healthcare products for pets so that they can choose the best treatment, and they feel healthy inside-out!

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